How a makeup artist turned her 80-year-old grandmother into a young woman with makeup

Makeup has been a kind of “rejuvenating apple” for women for many years. If you know some tricks and correctly apply this or that cosmetic product, then you can easily “wipe” off your face for several years.

Scottish makeup artist Julia Stronach decided to make up her 80-year-old grandmother and thereby turned her into a fairly youthful woman.

The main trick in this age-related makeup is that you can not apply a thick layer of foundation on the skin, this only emphasizes wrinkles.

Also, eyebrows are one of the main elements in such a make-up, because by applying clear graphic eyebrows, the face becomes rougher.

But Julia admitted that her grandmother’s make-up was quite natural, because she did not particularly correct anything in her appearance, but only emphasized natural data.

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