How beautiful Shakira looks without makeup and filters. You just don’t recognize her in the new photos

Most celebrities are addicted to fillers, and Botox, to look more attractive. Not many people want to show themselves in front of fans without makeup. But the singer Shakira is not shy about her natural beauty.

Now the singer is 43 years old, but she looks much younger than her years. The singer seems to have not changed at all over the years. It’s safe to say that the singer has amazing genes.

By the way, Shakira herself leads a rather simple and understandable way of life for us. She does not diet and does not exhaust herself with sports. Dancing helps her keep fit.

She is a mother of two active boys, so she prefers comfort in clothes: jeans, T-shirt. In everyday life, the singer is rarely seen with styling or makeup.

And it doesn’t spoil it at all. Without makeup with her usual curls, Shakira looks like a girl. She becomes 15 years younger. It looks very cute, and the singer herself resembles a schoolgirl. Not every star can boast of such a result, even at 43 years old.

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