How children who managed to go to school have changed: an ordinary photographer paid for the education of 20 children from Bangladesh

A huge number of children who live in Bangladesh wake up in the morning and immediately go to work, although at their age they should sit at a school desk and listen to teachers.

All this is not from a good life. Parents spend a lot of energy just feeding their family. Unfortunately, here, child labor is a normal thing.

Of course, various improvements are gradually taking place, but they are too slow. Photographer GMB Akash cannot come to terms with this fact.

For 15 years now, he has done his best to draw people’s attention to the deplorable state of this country. He spends almost all his earned money on helping poor people.

The 43-year-old man even paid for the education of 20 children from Dhaka. The children were allowed to attend school, on the condition that he would buy the children clothes, and school supplies, and pay for their studies and their meals.

Also, the photographer will have to pay money to the parents of these students. That is the amount that the children could earn if they continued to work further.

Akash is sure that one person cannot change the whole world, but it is quite possible to change the world of one person. The happy faces of the kids only confirm this information.

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