How did the fate of the 4 heirs of Alain Delon and how they look now

Inherited the beauty of the father.

Alain Delon is considered one of the most beautiful actors today. One can only imagine how many fans the artist had when he was young. Women from different countries were in love with a handsome blue-eyed actor who was also talented.

Today, the name of the famous Frenchman is called the handsome representative of the stronger sex, and this sounds like a compliment.

There were many women in Delon’s life, although he jokingly called them evil. However, at the same time, he necessarily added that ladies are “a necessary evil, necessary, without which one cannot do without.”

Beloved women gave the artist 4 children who have long grown up and went their own way. How do they live and what do they do?

The eldest son is Christian Aaron Boulogne (the actor has not yet recognized his son).

Alain had a dizzying affair with a colleague from France, Romy Schneider. Despite the strong love, the actor managed to walk “left”. During filming with the German singer Niko, the actor entered into a relationship with her, as a result of which the artist gave birth to a son. Delon was not going to confess his betrayal of Romy. Therefore, he categorically denied his involvement in the birth of a child and said that Niko deliberately arranged everything in order to separate him from his beloved woman.

Alain Delon with Romy Schneider (left) / Niko with actor Jean Sobieski.

Nico was very busy. At that time, she was in demand, but together with the baby, she could not perform on stage. Therefore, she gave her son to be raised by Alain’s parents. Although the actor himself was against the parents’ decision, they took care of the boy and gave him their last name.

Delon’s mother immediately recognized her grandson. He was so similar to her son that she did not need to confirm the relationship. The mother fell in love with the boy and considered him her family. Niko visited her son, and when he grew up a little, she took him away, but the actor’s mother continued to communicate with him.

Aaron in his youth / Ari with his son

Ari, the name of the eldest son of the artist is abbreviated, also followed in the footsteps of his father and became a film actor. He also became interested in photography and became a professional in this field. Aaron had two children from his marriage.

Today, 58-year-old Ari does not look like himself. It’s all because of bad habits that lead to no good. They changed the man beyond recognition.

It is interesting that Alain Delon even now denies the similarities between him and his eldest son. Fans, on the contrary, unanimously say that Ari looks like his father more than other children.

Anthony Delon

Anthony was born when Alain was married to Natalie Barthelemy. They lived together for 4 years, and then Delon fell in love again and left his wife and son. The boy was raised by his mother, who went to her homeland in London.

Alain with Natalie and their son in his youth

Delon could not see his son often, as he was busy. The mother was also constantly filmed. The lack of time affected the character of Anthony. He has a complex character. When the boy began adolescence, his mother sent him to a boarding school, because she herself could not cope with raising her son.

Anthony for a long time could not decide on a future profession. He was looking for himself in different areas but still decided to eventually become an actor.

Today, Anthony is in demand in the profession. He has acted in many films and performs on the theater stage. True, his name is not as well known as the name of his father, but in his native country, every resident knows the actor Anthony Delon. His personal life has developed successfully: the actor is married and has three children.

Anushka Delon

Anushka Delon was presented by Rosalie van Bremen, a model from Holland. The artist was happy because by this age he had already settled down and dreamed of having a child. He spent a lot of time with his daughter, who had already in childhood begun acting in films.

Anushka still performs with her father in the theater. She recently became a mother. Delon is proud of her only daughter, whom she simply adores.

Alain Fabien Delon

The youngest son was born when Anushka was 3 years old. The guy is handsome, just like his parents. Already in childhood, modeling agencies fought for Alain-Fabien to take part in a photo shoot.

The 4th son of Alain Delon acts in films a lot. And by the age of 27, he managed to become a famous artist in his country.

All the children of the famous Frenchman are not only beautiful but also talented. As they say, the genes of the father were manifested in his heirs.

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