How do people manage to put eggs in big bottles without breaking them?

One of the main Orthodox holidays, Easter, is just around the corner.

This means that soon everyone will be transporting, transporting, and otherwise transporting chicken eggs.

We all know that this product is very delicate and requires careful handling. Fortunately, a few years ago, our compatriots came up with an interesting and quite convenient way to transport eggs in large plastic water bottles. The question remains about how to put the eggs in a container so as not to beat them.

Many people claim that this method came to us from China, but let’s not argue about the origin.

Instructions on how to put eggs in a bottle and not beat them:

1. Wash the container and let it dry.

2. Cut out a small “door” at the top of the bottle with a knife. The side of the door should be 10-15 cm so that the hand passes through it.

3. Carefully place the eggs one by one on the bottom.

4. After the level reaches the “door”, tilt the bottle away from you and continue laying the eggs.

5. At the end, close the “door” and fix it with tape.

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