How do Uzbek sellers easily endure the most intense heat?

It’s no secret that global warming has already become noticeable in all parts of the globe. And we are increasingly faced with abnormally hot days, which can be very difficult to survive.

But, seeing how Uzbek sellers work absolutely calmly in the markets all day in the heat, you start to think that they know some secret.

And they do know. Residents of southern and eastern countries drink hot tea in the heat. And as strange as it may sound, this approach has a scientific justification.

Canadian scientists, as a result of research, came to the conclusion that a hot liquid can really help to cool down, thanks to the work of receptors located in the oral cavity.

When we drink a hot drink, they signal to the brain that it is very hot here, and the body starts the process of cooling – removing sweat. But for it to be effective, you need to drink several cups in a short period without any additives (sugar or milk). This is what Uzbek sellers do.

Another important factor that affects the cooling process is the ability to sweat freely. For this, it is important that clothing does not impede the process. That is, it was free and made from natural fabrics.

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