How does a 68-year-old woman from Kiev, who moved to her beloved in Zanzibar, live now

Lydia Yatsuk’s husband left in 2014. The woman was raising her grandchildren while enjoying a well-deserved retirement when she met young Jabbar from Zanzibar.

It turned out that the young man received higher education in Kyiv and had a good command of Lydia Mikhailovna’s native language. Yatsuk and her new acquaintance began to correspond on the Web. Fortunately, the daughter of Lydia Mikhailovna registered her parent on a popular site, just for fun.

In the course of communication, Lidia Mikhailovna became attached to a smart and gallant guy. The woman even invited Jabbar to visit.

Soon, the newly-made acquaintance began to care for the woman, assuring that age is not a hindrance. Lydia Mikhailovna herself did not understand how she fell in love with a young guy. “He was very polite, gallant, and always tried to please,” says the Kiev woman. When it was time to return to his homeland, Jabbar began to call his beloved with him.

“And why not?” thought Lidia Mikhailovna. “I have already put my children on their feet, I don’t have a husband,” Yatsuk explained. The pensioner sold her apartment in Kyiv and went after her young lover. “The kids didn’t understand me. They scolded me for disinheriting them. And I want to live for myself,” Lidia Mikhailovna told reporters.

Today, the woman lives in Zanzibar, enjoying the warm climate. Lidia Mikhailovna has to embroider to help her young husband financially. The woman admits that she does not see well, but explains that she does not complain because she enjoys a new feeling. By the way, the heirs of Lydia Mikhailovna do not want to know Yatsuk.

“Only my granddaughter supported me. Last year, Asya visited us,” Lidia Mikhailovna rejoices. Do you believe in unequal marriages? What do you think of Lydia’s story? Would you dare to go into the unknown for the sake of your beloved?

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