How does a snail cross a groove (video)

Snails are amazing creatures. despite their small size, many of them are able to stretch and carry their shell with ease.

Snails are slow creatures. On average, a garden snail can crawl about 300 meters per day. During its short life, the snail crawls 140-280 km. There are often obstacles on its way, and thanks to its unusual structure, the snail easily overcomes them.

See how easily the snail crawls through the groove.


Many people wonder who is faster, a snail or a turtle? In fact, a turtle is several dozen times faster than snails. Slow gastropods do not even have time to see the turtle, which will sweep past it at the speed of a steam locomotive.

A garden snail has 25,000 teeth. Only they are located in her not in a row, but in the form of a grater. With the help of these teeth, the snail grinds food.

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