How does the most beautiful girl of 2017 Nastya Knyazeva live?

Recognized as the most beautiful child in 2017, Nastya Knyazeva has become mega-popular. Her unusual appearance captivated everyone. Nastya’s mother tried from a very early age to reveal the model potential of the girl and her puppet appearance.

It is impossible to say that since then her life has changed a lot, because the little model has been familiar with this industry since the age of 2.5, starring in an advertisement for children’s clothing, and by the age of 4 she ended up in photographs of several brands.

The title of the most beautiful girl only accelerated the pace of her career growth, now she has become an advertising face for several world brands of children’s clothing, and also signed contracts with KIA Motors and the juice manufacturer Sady Pridonya.

In 2018, she began to try her hand at acting. “Reflection” and “Almost a Scary Tale” were her first steps in acting.

“First time in first class” Anastasia went in the same 2018. Her parents do not tell her anything about her success at school. But it is known that in addition to school, Nastya goes to additional English lessons, is engaged in choreography, and takes acting lessons. Like all children, she loves to dream, but she has not decided who she wants to become in the future: a veterinarian or a confectioner.

Nastya’s Instagram has more than one and a half million subscribers, and the feed is updated daily with photos of her daily life.

What future awaits the little doll no one knows? Whether she will be a model or become an actress is unknown. With age, her appearance will change and, perhaps, her outlook on life will also change. What do you think?

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