How Heath Ledger’s Daughter Looks Now

Fans of Ledger will never forget him or his outstanding portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight, for which he received a posthumous Oscar.

At the age of 28, he was discovered dead in his Manhattan apartment in January 2008 from severe analgesic, tranquilizer, and sleeping drug consumption.

His terrible demise occurred 4 months after their relationship ended. He had been seeing actress Michelle Williams in 2004, whom he had met on the shooting of Brokeback Mountain.

Matilda Rose, Ledger’s daughter, was born to Williams on October 28, 2005.

Fatherhood was a turning point in Heath’s life. He adored his daughter and told the media in 2006 that his family was the most significant aspect of his life.
After his passing, Michelle made the decision to relocate to a farm in upstate New York in order to shield her kid from prying media eyes.

Michelle dated the musician Phil Elverum for a spell before moving back to Brooklyn in 2018. She wed the filmmaker Thomas Cale in 2020, and the two soon welcomed a son. The couple announced their second child’s impending arrival in May 2022.

Matilda, who will turn 17 in October 2022, resembles her father a great deal.
Williams, who is 160 cm tall, is one of Hollywood’s shortest actresses. However, the daughter, who is now 168 cm tall, inherited her father’s genes and was already taller than her mother at the age of 12.

The teenager’s grandpa, Kim Ledger, noticed that in addition to having a great physical resemblance to his son, the granddaughter also has his temperament.
It is well known that Heath skateboarded frequently. In the drama Kings of Dogtown, he displayed his exceptional skateboarding prowess (2005).
His daughter skateboards and enjoys sports as much as he does.
Ledger was a chess enthusiast who, at the age of 10, won the Western Australian Junior Chess Championship.

He was going to start production on a chess movie that would likely compete with John Leguizamo’s 2019 biopic King’s Gambit when he tragically passed away. Matilda is an interesting chess player. She preserves her father’s old chess set in memory of him and hopes to one day become a grandmaster by honing her skill.

Although it is unknown at this time if the child would pursue acting in the same way as her famous parents, there is no question that Heath Ledger would be pleased with his bright and talented daughter.

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