How Hollywood actresses looked in their first films and how they look now

Before you can be successful in anything, you have to start somewhere. Of course, failures are inevitable at the beginning of the path, but a persistent person, confident in his work, will move forward, no matter what. Some Hollywood celebrities tried themselves as actors as children, while others came to fame as adults. We invite you to take a look at how Hollywood actresses looked in their first films.

Julia Roberts

“Satisfaction”, 1988

Angelina Jolie

“Hackers”, 1995

Scarlett Johansson

“Thieves”, 1996

Salma Hayek

Teresa (1989 – 1991)

Megan Fox

Screen Queen (2003 – 2006

Jessica Alba

“Flipper”, 1995

Penelope Cruz

“Ham, ham”, 1992

Kate Winslet

“Celestial Creatures”, 1994

Catherine Zeta-Jones

“A Thousand and One Nights”, 1990

Demmy Moor

“Parasite”, 1982

Halle Berry

“Living dolls”, 1989

Jennifer Aniston

“Camp Cucamonga”, 1990

Liv Tyler

“Silent Fight”, 1994

Eva Green

“Dreamers”, 2003

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