How Keanu Reeves is involved in charity

Reeves does not spend money purely on himself.

It is not customary to talk about good deeds out loud. But one cannot ignore what one of the highest-paid actors in the world, the famous Keanu Reeves, does.

Despite the very impressive income, which amounts to millions of dollars, the actor is known for his love of asceticism: he easily rides the subway, wears simple, discreet clothes, visits ordinary eateries, communicates without pathos with random passers-by and buys pizza for the homeless. And he spends a huge amount of money earned on the shooting for charity.

In 2000, Keanu founded a foundation that helps children with cancer. As it turned out later, the younger sister of the actor had leukemia, so this topic for Keanu became very close and understandable firsthand.

Receiving a very good fee for shooting in the sensational “Matrix”, Reeves does not spend money purely on himself. Handing out $80 million to all the crew members? For Keanu Reeves, this is not a nice gesture to the public, but an opportunity to express gratitude to those who have been working on a super popular project for several years.

By the way, each stuntman received a Harley as a gift. By the way, in order to participate in joint filming with his idol Al Pacino, Keanu, without batting an eyelid, agreed to a cut fee: whatever you do for your dreams.

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