How Miss International 2022 Looks Like In Ordinary Life

In Japan, the annual Miss International pageant has concluded.

Girls from all around the world competed, but only one—the 22-year-old representative of Germany named Jasmine Selberg—was given the title. Despite speaking from this nation, the girl was born in Tallinn to an Estonian family. The girl and her parents went to Germany when she was a year old.

The blonde and blue-eyed beauty is proud of her Estonian heritage and makes an effort to travel there frequently to see her family. And her grandmother, a well-known illustrator from Estonia, fostered a passion for painting in her granddaughter.
Selberg was drawn to beauty from an early age; for instance, she had a keen interest in anime. The girl continues to be obsessed with Japanese animation and manga, and she enjoys dressing as her favorite character for Halloween. Images of cats, goats, and horses abound on German social media platforms. The latter takes up a certain space in Yasmin’s life. The girl enjoys riding horses.

The girl’s passion for animals drove her to sell animal feed. Selberg had a brief career as a salesperson. After she enrolled in the Faculty of History and Philosophy at Ruhr University. Yasmina spent some time working as a marketer, translator, and sales manager once she became single.

But then Yasmina stumbled onto a posting on the internet looking for contestants and made the decision to give it a shot.
“Once, I came across a casting call on social media. I made the choice to attend because I had always wanted to be a model. I was successful,” the model added.

Surprisingly, Yasmin entirely changed her look for the sake of beauty contests; she went from being a brunette to a blonde. The German representative started favoring naked cosmetics and emphasizing authenticity.
Selberg competed in the Miss International 2022 competition as well as the Miss Globe 2021 and Miss Supranational 2022 pageants, all of which were held in Albania. Along with 14 other contestants, she advanced to the Miss Universe national finals, however, she was unable to place in the top five.

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