How should a 70-year-old woman, who has taste, dress?

Many people who approach old age stop making sure that their clothes are stylish. But this is completely wrong, and the seventy-year-old pensioner from Germany, who runs the blog Helga Lux, proves this perfectly. More about this unusual woman at

White pants

Helga insists that it is light pants that can refresh the image of a mature lady. They go well with any other color accents, and you can use them both during the creation of autumn and during the planning of summer looks. The same with shoes: you can combine them with anything.

Total black

Some older ladies do not like black: too gloomy, funeral. But, if you choose interesting fabrics, no such associations will arise. Try pairing black suits with bright, warm color accents. It might turn out to be something fantastic.


Jackets perfectly hide figure flaws, which often appear in older women. A stylish cut can give an image a business touch. But Helga Lux does not recommend experimenting with textures, it is better to take monochrome jackets and complement them with detailed accessories.

Leopard print

It would seem that the recommendation to wear leopard print is contrary to past fashion advice. But, according to Helga, using a leopard for the selection of the “bottom” layer of the image can be a successful idea. Yes, and trendy leopard pants can be an interesting, albeit a little provocative move.

Red accents

Red accents can give new life to a look in muted tones. But it is better to choose not acidic, overly bright tones of red, but noble shades. Don’t worry, they won’t show age. They will only show that a woman has excellent taste in choosing clothes.

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