How the dogs from the shelter found their happiness

Recently, a lot of dogs end up in American shelters. But, unfortunately, not everyone finds happiness. To be honest, only a few fall into good hands. And animals always thank their saviors! But today we will show you how those very lucky ones have changed after the shelter!

1. There was skin and bones, and now you don’t recognize it.

2. How well I live in a warm house and with a caring owner!

3. In just a few months, I managed to get better thanks to food and walks.

4. I can move freely again!

5. And it’s warm and cozy for me in winter too!

6. Despite the fact that I’m funny, I’m still happy!

7. And I’m happy too!

8. Just want to cry for joy!

9. I used to be so cowardly, but now I’m happy!

10. You smile too!

11. Each person is born to help others and work miracles.

12. For 9 months I managed to recover.

13. Don’t lose hope!

Every person can help someone. Help you too!

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