How the guy looks and lives now, who at the age of 8 was called “Little Hercules”

Richard Sandrak became known about 15 years ago. The boy became famous thanks to his physical form, he was only 8 at that time. Now the guy is already 24 years old and the way she looks now may surprise you a little.

Richard was born in Ukraine, but at some time, as a small child, he emigrated with his parents to the United States. Here his father began to accustom him to physical exercises a little. At first, it was light training, more reminiscent of regular physical education, but after a while, the boy began to lift heavyweights.

At the peak of his popularity, Richard was a real star – he constantly participated in the filming of various television shows, and gave interviews and autographs. Parents were glad that their son could realize himself.

Richard’s father, by the way, is a world martial arts champion. He kept everything under control – the boy’s nutrition, his intensity of training, the number of loads. Some did not accept the educational approaches of a man, because, in their opinion, Richard was simply taken away from his childhood.

At the age of 11, Richard himself dialed the police number, because in front of his eyes his father beat his mother. The man was jailed for domestic violence.

After that, the boy began to attend training less and less, and communication with his father was nullified. Gradually, Richard began to turn into an ordinary guy with an ordinary physique.

Now the guy is a stuntman on one of the popular American shows. It’s a pretty dangerous job, but Richard is already a pro. He speaks with pride about his childhood, because he believes that he has achieved considerable results in sports. But he also emphasizes that he no longer wants such a life.

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