How the Ledenev twins, who only just overcame anorexia, look today

A few years ago, a mother of two girls sought assistance from a well-known TV program. Specialists spoke with teenagers and offered assistance. Nobody, however, understood how that scenario would play out in the future. 

Many viewers were gravely alarmed by the presence of 14-year-old girls. Simply put, Daria and Maria didn’t want to accept who they were. 

The mother managed to get her kids signed up with a modeling agency, but she had no idea that things would only get worse as a result. 

The teachers at that organization’s request for the girls to reduce weight was the catalyst for the entire situation. They nearly refused to eat because they were so excited about the prospect of a modeling career. They lost 12–15 kg as a result in a relatively short amount of time. The results were unsettling because they were already quite frail girls. 

Mom started acting after realizing that her kids were vanishing before her eyes. The outcome was quickly apparent as the specialists took control of the girls. They got all the necessary weight back in a rather short period of time. 

Blue-eyed girls are incredibly beautiful today. They continue to advance their modeling careers, but this time they tackle the situation calmly. Such a pastime had no negative effects on their academic performance, and they received gold medals upon graduation.

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