How the owner saved the dog from drowning (video)

There are legends about the heroic deeds of dogs for the sake of a person, but there is practically nothing about saving a four-legged friend by a person. This concept was able to refute a resident of Murfreesboro, who without hesitation rushed to the aid of the dog.

The incident took place in a private yard, the mistress Jenny Tatum released her dogs into the yard so that they ran and played a little. In the yard, the woman has her own pool, the water in it never freezes due to the constant operation of the pump. But on this day, the equipment failed and the surface of the water was covered with a crust of ice.

The woman thought that the ice was too strong, it would withstand the load and, with a pure soul, released her favorites to frolic. But in less than a couple of minutes, Sid the dog was underwater. Fortunately, there were cameras in the house and in the yard, and when Jenny saw something was wrong with them, she immediately rushed to help. She herself was able to pull the pet out of the icy water. From shock and hypothermia, poor Sid passed out as soon as he was in the pool.

Time passed by seconds, and the slightest mistake could be fatal. Jenny took the dog to the vet right away. The doctor examined the four-legged patient, after which he concluded that if the hostess had lingered for a couple of seconds, the consequences would have been irreversible and very sad. The dog himself could not get out of the ice trap.


About the heroic deed became known on the Internet. Even a video of the fall is included for the authenticity of the story. Now Tatum is a local star in Tennessee, as for the culprit himself, the road to the yard is closed to him. Salvation cost too much. Once again, Jenny does not intend to risk the life of a friend.

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