How to lift drooping eyelids: Japanese technique for 1 minute and another secret!

If we want to lift our eyebrows and get rid of drooping eyelids, this is a very simple exercise from a Japanese acupressure specialist.

Frankly, I’m surprised that this technique is not yet walking on the Internet at the speed of light! It would seem much easier: spend 1 minute of your time solving one of the most pressing problems with the face. Sooooo many women told me that with age, the eyes become more sunken, and the eyelids hang so much that you can’t even draw a beautiful arrow with a pencil. But in my youth … eh!

Why be sad? Let’s not give up! Because they will be useful to us right now!

In fact, if initially, the girl did not have an impending century in genetics, then age-related changes are something that can be dealt with.

Japanese exercise from drooping eyelids

This technique was developed by Japanese acupressure specialist Taira Mizurani. I apologize if I transcribed the name incorrectly, because not familiar with the features of transcription in Japanese.

Acupressure is acupressure. It is one of the varieties of reflexology. The effect is in the impact on biologically active points.

Exercise – simple to disgrace.

You need to press your fingertips to the eyebrow area just above the pupils. These points are indicated by white circles in the diagram with muscles:

It is necessary to press on the indicated points, trying to press not just the skin, but all tissues directly to the bone. At the same time, the pressed tissues should be slightly lifted.

This photo clearly shows the dots:

Hold the tissues pressed in this state for one minute.

You can and should close your eyes.

Important nuances! I will add on my own, based on the base that I received in the process of studying various techniques of rejuvenating self-massage. After you have held the tissues up for a full minute, wrinkles may appear on the forehead. At a young age, up to 30 years, these creases will disappear on their own after a maximum of an hour. However, the older the skin ages, the longer it will take to return to its original state.

You do not need additional wrinkles from the exercise? Then be sure to do the following immediately after completing the reception:

  • Relax your forehead, performing light vibrating movements with your whole palm. Massaging the forehead, do not rub or stretch the skin.
  • Using your fingers or the palm of your hand, “shake” the skin of your forehead so that you feel its movement to the very bones of the skull. Particular attention should be paid to the central part and closer to the temples.
  • Walk in this way over the entire surface of the forehead until you feel that it is completely relaxed.
  • It is also recommended to blink your eyes to relieve tension from the eyelids.

What is a hanging eyelid? This is the result of poor posture and a shortened neck. Why?

The youth of the face does not primarily depend on the condition of the skin. Its appearance is only a consequence of more complex processes. If we want to raise our eyebrows and get rid of impending eyelids, then we need to get acquainted with one exotic name – galea aponeurotica. This is a tendon helmet or aponeurosis.

All the largest muscles of the skull are woven into the tendon helmet.

Now imagine what happens when we lift only the tissues located under the eyebrows. Yes, even this will have an effect! But if the tendon helmet continues to lose its elasticity over the years, then the tissues on the forehead will slide back into the eyes. In the end – and hello again, hanging eyelids!

What to do?

Work with posture and neck, thereby maintaining a tense tendon helmet. Yulia Zartaiskaya also has an excellent Helmet exercise. After all, the more often you pull the aponeurosis back and up, the higher the facial tissues rise and tighten. Everything is interconnected.

Now you are armed with everything you need to get rid of impending eyelids. Due to circumstances and my interests, I already know many examples of how women managed to “open their eyes”. That is, lift the eyelids. And usually, those who are not familiar with anti-aging techniques and beauty marathons do not even believe that such results can be achieved without plastic surgery.

For myself, I also do eye exercises, but I pay more attention to posture and neck. Because the better they are, the faster positive changes on the face are noticeable.

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