How two dogs found an owner, a home, and even a job

The mother of two pretty puppies was thoroughbred, but the adventure came out with dad. The result was two pretty mestizos, which turned out to be superfluous in the house. When they grew up a little, they simply put it out the door. The cold was already beginning, and the two kids had to freeze and starve.

Brother and sister learned to search for food in the garbage and sleep in the rain and snow – two little ones who did not even understand anything yet. But they survived because they were together – they warmed each other and shared food.

And then they were lucky – they came across the market. The sellers treated them warmly, fed them, and even built a kennel for them from old boxes. Now they were no longer vagabonds, they were fed every day – market employees, buyers, and merchants. They had a roof over their heads, now they were not afraid of bad weather.

At night, they guarded the market, with which all the sellers were pleased. But still, they remained draws. And then a miracle happened – they were taken into the house and both of them. A buyer came to the market who liked the dogs very much. At first, he just looked at them and treated them, and then took them to him.

Now the brother and sister have a loving owner who takes care of them and their own home. Their new owner appreciated their excellent protective qualities and instructed them to protect his house and apiary. Former orphans are happy – they are together, live in the open, and are no longer afraid of anything.

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