How would Hollywood stars appear if they put on a lot of weight?

Everyone is accustomed to seeing fit and attractive celebrities. These are persons who have to live up to particular beauty requirements. Many people wonder what famous people might look like if they put on a lot of weight. Let’s have a look at how they might seem in this scenario.

A. Jolie

The actress has always distinguished out for her extreme thinness, therefore it’s important to note that this kind of appearance is unique for her!

L. DiCaprio

Even though Leo occasionally tends to put on weight, he still manages to look fine, so gaining another 20 to 30 kg wouldn’t help.

J. Aniston

The actress has always taken care of her appearance and doesn’t look well when she’s overweight.

J. Depp

Surprisingly, the actor in this picture really appears rather hilarious and charming.

J. Roberts

Should she put on weight, she wouldn’t look horrible.

K. Reeves

In this instance, the added weight is unnecessary.

B. Pitt

Being obese would have made the actor look older.

D. Radcliffe

He appears to be an actor who destroyed his career due to his heavy weight.

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