How you draw a circle relative to a triangle will reveal a lot about your personality

The triangle represents the people around you, the circle represents how you interact with them. So…

1. A circle inside a triangle.

This arrangement indicates that you are a kind person.

You are a caring person with a kind heart. Always ready to help those who need help. You meet even those you don’t know at all with a smile on your face.

Your family and friends love and appreciate you very much. You have drawn a circle in the middle of a triangle. This suggests that you are constantly surrounded by people. You are very sociable, but you don’t talk much about your personal life.

2. Circle at the top of the triangle.

This arrangement indicates that you are a calm, confident person. Have you drawn a circle at the very top of the triangle? This suggests that you are perfectly aware of the world around you. Do not avoid communication with others, but do not strive for excessive rapprochement.

You are confident and focused on your work. Many admire you because you are doing a really interesting thing.

You have clear priorities and you know how to take care of them. There are quite a few people in your environment who are ready to support your ideas and follow you!

3. A circle around a triangle.

This arrangement indicates that you have a great desire to take care of others.

Regardless of how much you know this or that person, you are always ready to help and protect him. Whether it is about your loved ones or about a person you hardly know, you are always ready to help.

You rush to help, not thinking about the consequences. You are a kind of guardian angel for everyone around you.

People often come to you for advice. When they need to talk, it’s you they think of first. You are a very loyal person. In addition, you are smarter than many.

4. Semicircle beyond the top of the triangle

This arrangement indicates that you are a cheerful person.

You are the soul of the company and the ringleader! Always support others in their endeavors. The success of others makes you happier. You do not know the word “envy”. You are optimistic and able to see something good in any situation.

You help people become more confident. You are truly respected.

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