Huge difference: what stars look like in the same clothes

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Perhaps men will not understand, but most of the fair sex do not like to appear at events in the same outfits as other guests. Agree, this is an awkward situation in which not everyone can feel comfortable.

If this happened, then they begin to compare. It’s the worst, to be honest.

It is especially hard for world-famous people whose photos end up on the Internet. Of course, after this, a heated discussion begins.

Today our editors decided to present you with just such a selection.

Ready? Then let’s go!

1. It just so happens that two women – Lady Gaga and K. Kardashian wore the same dress. Naturally, each of them complimented the image in its own way.

2. This image perfectly demonstrates who has a more beautiful figure – K. Teigen or R. Huntington? In our opinion, Rosie!

3. Stunning J. Lopez and no less charming A. Winter

4. The difference is quite big: N. Poly and T. Ecclestone

5. Black or white? M. Griffith and K. Middleton.

6. It seems that J. Lopez is the standard of style and beauty, otherwise how to explain the fact that she often wears “non-original” clothes? D. Lopez and L. Kim.

7. Charming K. Aguilera and M. Markle: “royal competition”.

8. Talented S. Weaver and extraordinary D. L. Curtis: beauties!

How would you feel if you were in such an awkward situation?

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