Hungry baby seal came to the door of the restaurant

Restaurant employees noticed an unusual guest at the back entrance to the kitchen. He was clearly hungry and came to the appetizing smell. It turned out to be a baby seal, which the employees were very happy about.

Recently, employees of The Old Lock & Weir restaurant in the English city of Bristol noticed an unusual visitor outside the kitchen door. A curious baby seal wandered into the small courtyard next to the rear entrance of the restaurant and was delighted to see the staff.

The staff assumed that the seal was here because of the strong tide that had occurred the day before. “He wandered around and was not even afraid of people. We assume that he was hungry and was attracted to the smell of food,” says one of the employees.

The staff took care of the little one and contacted the RSPCA West Hatch Rescue Center for help. Rescuers took him to their center. They found a built-in chip on the seal, according to which they determined that he had traveled 400 km across the water from the coast of Scotland.

Now the seal is under the supervision of the staff of the rescue center. When he recovers from his long journey and grows up a little, he will be released back into the ocean.

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