Husband Designs Rotating House Inspired by Wife’s Desire for a ‘Different View’

Imagine a house that can turn around, letting the people inside follow the path of the sun and change what they see. There are a few rotating buildings around the world. They’re built for different reasons, like cool designs or getting the most sun power.

But there’s one special rotating house near San Diego, California that’s up for sale. The real estate agent is offering a chance to explore it.

The main question about a rotating house is how everything works.

How does the plumbing work? How do the electrical wires stay connected? And why would someone sell such a cool house if it’s their dream home?

The story of this house starts with a couple wanting to build their own home. They decided on a round house to see more of the view. Then they thought, “Why not make it rotate too?”

The wife liked the idea, and the husband, Al Johnstone, had to figure out how to make a house where every room could see everything.

Turning the house feels strange.

You push a button, and suddenly, everything around you moves. They started building it in 2000, and it took two years to finish. There were lots of problems, like workers used to building square houses and county officials who weren’t sure about the idea.

But they did it. The house was strong and unique.

The way the house turns is cool.

At first, they used a big motor, but they found out a smaller one worked just fine. It takes 45 minutes for the house to turn all the way around, so people can see both the sunset and sunrise from their bed.

The most interesting part is how the plumbing and electricity work. While other rotating houses keep the kitchens and bathrooms still, this one moves everything.

They came up with a smart solution for the plumbing: a central part of the house that doesn’t turn. Inside, there are separate pipes for sewage, used water, clean water, and gas. They’re all sealed and have alarms to make sure nothing mixes up.

Taking care of this special house isn’t too hard.

Once a year, they need to put oil on the moving parts. It only takes an hour. They think the seals will last for 75 years.

But why would someone sell such a cool house after 20 years?

The owner had a lot of heart surgeries and wants to make sure his wife is comfortable when he’s gone. So, he’s selling the house, thinking about her future.

You can take a tour of this amazing rotating house with mountain views below!

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