I can’t be silent! There are 8 children in the family, and they have nowhere to live… Why don’t I want to help them…

Good day everyone. I perfectly understand that I will cause a wave of discontent among many, but I cannot remain silent.

Today I read an article about the difficulties of a large family from Chelyabinsk – “A large family from a wrecked barrack came to spend the night at the Chelyabinsk mayor’s office.

“And then a heartbreaking story about an unfortunate family that has nowhere to live.

“In the Chelyabinsk city administration, residents may appear. This is the Konyaev family, they have eight children, and they have nowhere to live. The old barracks, where they had a room, literally fell apart, they are promised to provide them with housing only after three years. The whole Konyaev family came to the officials.

They bought this room (15 meters) with maternity capital. Father is a taxi driver .. Mother is “many years on maternity leave” (excerpt from the text).

Feel sorry for the family… Feel sorry for the children… Really, sincerely feel sorry for the children!!!!

But I have a question.

Why give birth to 8 children, if you have a room of 15 meters, …!????

Mother has been on maternity leave for many years. Maybe you should get out of your maternity leave a bit and work? Earn money for better housing. And then give birth to children – 8, 10 … as many as you want. Love kids – great! But, it seems to me that they do not really love their children, since they find them such inconveniences.

Another heartbreaking story: “Alla and Ravshan Mollakhadzhiev from Kolomna have five children and an unfinished house, but there is no job and no money.”

Again the same question – what for???? (I understand that there is a more correct question “why ??” but in this situation – exactly, what for ???)

There, too, poor children suffer …

“The large family of Alla and her husband Ravshan started construction from scratch. Maternity capital was added to the proceeds. The land was allocated to them free of charge by the state, as a large family.”

Everything is great … finish building the house … raise already born children and enjoy life … BUT…

While the house was being built, the large Mollakhadzhiev family became even larger— In 2017 and 2018, the Lord gave us two daughters, Olga and Pelageya.

”And for a long time, a huge family lives in a private house not far from their construction site. Do you understand!!!!??? The house is so unfinished that they are renting!!! And they’re having two more! Yes, it was not the Lord who gave them daughters – but the absence of convolutions !!! (forgive me for being rude! but I really feel sorry for the kids !!)

and ending…

“Unfortunately, no matter how much we saved, in 2018 the money ran out. And in the same 2018, fall, my husband was left without work. Now he is at the labor exchange and receives unemployment benefits – 6,000 rubles, I am still on maternity leave, and I am paid 14,300 rubles for two children. That’s the whole family budget. There is nothing left to rent. But we can’t move to our house yet … 

“And then they ask them to raise 400 thousand rubles to complete the construction of their house.

Let’s help the whole world. Let’s chip in a hundred and they’ll have a house. In the meantime, we will all work hard, and they will safely (with the help of the Lord) give birth to more children!!! After all, the husband does not work (((Why should he work – he has a higher mission on earth – to make children !!

Dear readers!!! Trust me, I am a very kind person. And it’s very difficult for me to get them out of myself … I help relatives and friends if they need my help. I don’t blame people who lead a wrong way of life – this is their life and everyone lives as they want.

But the kids here are suffering! And they really feel sorry for them!

When I was 18, I also, like many women, dreamed of a big family – at least 8 children. only three … And I’m happy .. and my children are also happy …But to such families, as described above, I will not give even a ruble. Not because I’m sorry … but because they live not for children, but to satisfy their needs.

And now you can throw slippers at me … Write comments, but please use correct expressions … We are well-mannered people.

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