“I finally did it! Gone to Hollywood!” Sharon Stone with huge scarlet lips made a splash

For her anniversary, the cult classic “Basic Instinct” actress made a joke. The actress gave out a laid-back, domestic vibe. She dressed in cozy pajamas and didn’t fuss too much with her hair, letting it hang freely down.

The primary feature of Sharon’s appearance, though, was her red-painted hypertrophic lips. The celebrity could not help but crack a wry jest. “On the occasion of my birthday, I finally completed it! I visited Hollywood! Stone made a caustic point. The network started talking about the celebs’ shenanigans right away. Many of Sharon’s admirers came to the conclusion that she was making fun of young women who expand their lips and alter every aspect of their looks in an effort to become popular in Hollywood.

“You are the best! Even with such huge lips”, “Sharon, you are just an unreal beauty, bravo at 65 without make-up”, and “Happy birthday queen, I love your humor,” bloggers write on the Web.

Sharon Stone recently acknowledged that the extreme fame that followed the debut of the movie “Basic Instinct” caused her significant harm. The actress later lost legal custody of her son.

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