“I gave birth to the first at 14, and on the 20th at 42!”: how a woman lives today who became the parent of twenty children

Susan and her husband met at school – at the same time, at the age of fourteen, the girl gave birth to her first child. Already sounds unusual for the modern world, right?

Even more unusual was the fact that the young parents did not stop there, soon there were more kids, and then more and more. Now, when the spouses have been together for twenty-eight years, they have twenty children – some of these children already have their own children, the family is just huge.

It is worth noting that initially, young people wanted only three children, but it turned out several times more.

Susan actively maintains her social networks and often posts photos there with her large and friendly family. It can be seen with the naked eye that they are happy together, although it is very difficult to have such a family. Moreover, now there are literally a few such families around the world.

In the twenty-first century, few people have more than three children, and this is already considered something out of the norm, and raising them all with dignity is even more difficult, but this family does absolutely everything. We can only wish them all happiness and good health!

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