“I Thought Pregnancy Would Be Easy”: Tara Lipinski Reflects on Her Surprising Fertility Struggles

Tara Lipinski, the former Olympic figure skater, recently talked on her new podcast about something that surprised her: having trouble getting pregnant. She thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t.

She explained that no one had ever told her about the difficulties of getting pregnant. She never thought about her biological clock or a timeline for having a baby. She just assumed that because she was an athlete and took care of her body, it would happen easily.

Tara realized it was a mistake to think this way. She used to be in great shape as an athlete, but getting pregnant was a different challenge.

She felt it was “crazy” to assume that being an athlete would make it easy to have a baby. Her body had always worked well for her, but this time it didn’t.

Tara decided to share her story because she wanted to be honest about her struggles. She had been keeping this secret for five years and felt it was time to talk about it. She admitted that she was scared to let others in because she was struggling so much.

Despite her fear, she knew it was important to share her story because infertility can be very lonely. She wanted to connect with other women who might be going through similar challenges.

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