“I went through 30 chemos and got pregnant at 41.” The story of one model girl

Flavia Flores was once a model, but five years ago she had to face a terrible diagnosis: breast cancer.

She had a mastectomy on both breasts, lost her boyfriend, created a fan page with over 100,000 followers, wrote a book, founded the Cancer Institute, and today is happily married to the love of her life and living in the USA!

“I was born and raised in Florianopolis, Brazil. At the age of thirty-three, I learned about my illness.

I decided to share my story through social media. And thus inspire women for treatment. They gave me strength, we exchanged experiences – many of my followers were already undergoing treatment.”

The woman did not know that it would be so difficult for her to conceive after 30 chemotherapy, 28 radiation, and hormone therapy. The doctor did not even mention the effect of this set of drugs on her reproductive system.

After the mastectomy, her ex simply disappeared, leaving her alone, along with mental wounds.

Flavia went through all the horrors of cancer and even found her love. They now live together in San Diego, USA.

“We met in Mexico in 2016 and decided to get married. After we got married, we started trying to get pregnant. When it did happen (I was 41) it was like one of those Hollywood melodramas.

People first ask how I will breastfeed and if I feel chest pain. Theoretically, I shouldn’t experience sinus pain during pregnancy because I don’t have breasts. But I still experienced quite a lot of discomfort.”

Although a woman cannot breastfeed, she plans to buy her child the best quality formulas and surround him with love and care!

“I will warm up bottles, I will sit with him at the window, I will sing for him, and I will enjoy every moment of the closeness of mother and child.

I will enjoy life with my little Leon as much as I can. And I will never give up on my dreams,” she added.

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