If a husband is much older than his wife, he “steals” her youth! Study

If you prefer older men, then you should be aware of some of the nuances of unequal relationships.

Keep in mind that an older man can steal your youth. Sounds weird? However, this is a very real prospect.

A study by the American Psychological Association states that women who live with an older man behave in the same way as their partner, in this case, an older man.

Don’t be alarmed, it may sound worse than it actually looks. Yes, you are more likely to ignore things like parties and go to quieter events, without alcohol or excessive noise.

Another positive side of dating someone older is that you are more likely to have a stable relationship because such men are serious.

Most people who are in a relationship with someone older imitate their behavior; for example, they become more careful and economical financially and save more often. They also change their attitude to life situations – it is more balanced and mature.

The study also highlights that relationships with large age gaps are completely normal. But due to greater flexibility, a young person adapts more easily to the activities and tastes of an elderly person.

Are you ready to grow up and get wiser? Then look for an older man!

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