If kind people did not assist the puppies and their caring mother, they would freeze in the cold (video)

Hera, a homeless dog, gave birth to her puppies in a drainage pipe. She managed to adjust to her new parental duties, but when the harsh Siberian winter arrived, the dog had no idea how to keep her puppies from freezing. 

Low temperatures and heavy snowfalls are not ideal conditions for newborn puppies. 

Hera was in complete despair because she was homeless and had three small puppies. 

But luck smiled on the puppies and their mother when someone noticed a homeless family and informed the shelter about them. Milan dashed to the location where the puppies were spotted, and Hera greeted him warmly.

The dog was so desperate that she wasn’t even afraid of the stranger, but instead joyfully greeted her last hope. The puppies were only four weeks old and had never seen a human before. Frightened children huddled together and refused to exit the drain pipe. 

Milan spent hours in the cold, but he didn’t give up and used a broom to extract the puppies from the pipe. 

Milan embraced the puppies and carried them to the van, where Hera was already waiting. The little family was now safe. 

The puppies survived and are growing quickly at the animal shelter thanks to the kindness of others. 

Take a look at the rescue video.


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