If she can’t walk, she can fly: that’s how a disabled girl became a gymnast

This unusual girl, born without legs, went on to become a gymnastics champion. 

This one-of-a-kind baby girl was abandoned in the hospital shortly after birth. After a while, the baby girl was happily adopted. 

Her loving adoptive parents persuaded the disabled girl that she should not be concerned about her limitations or uniqueness. Believe it or not, the disabled girl began playing basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. 

Meanwhile, all the doctors said the poor thing couldn’t even stand. 

The girl quickly learned to walk with the assistance of her upper limbs. She became interested in gymnastics at the age of eight and watched the Olympics on a regular basis. 

She developed an interest in gymnastics and began to refine her objectives. 

The determined young lady achieved her long-held ambition of becoming a gymnastics champion. She soon met her future husband, and they married happily. The couple is completely inseparable and head over heels in love. It’s only a matter of time before a family needs children.


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