“I’m happy when I wake up next to him”: what Kurt Russell’s 74-year-old wife looks like today

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G. Hawn is one of the most famous and bright actresses in Hollywood. Looking at this stunning blonde, you might think that her path to success was simple, but it is not.

Goldie had great control over her body, and her parents decided to send her to a dance school. She had great success in this area and was even expelled from the institute because of her dancing. Goldie often skipped classes.

But that didn’t really upset her. She was so beautiful that it was hard not to notice her. Even then, Hawn decided to become an actress. Acquaintance with the agent, who later brought her to this industry, was simply delighted with her beauty and eyes the color of the sea. In a fairly short time, Hollywood directors managed to fall in love with her, who often praised Goldie’s comedic talent.

Yes, her career developed rapidly, but she dreamed of a family. The actress madly wanted to find a man who would become a real support for her and would love her with all her heart.

Unfortunately, the first attempts were unsuccessful. Former spouses were able to sue her, leaving her with nothing.

And then fate brought Goldie to K. Russell. This meeting was accidental.

It is worth noting that Hawn did not even think that he would become for her the man she so dreamed of. But, as it turned out, she was deeply mistaken.

In marriage, they had a beautiful son, Wyatt.

This couple managed to become one of the strongest in Hollywood. They are truly admired.

Once, the actress admitted that she becomes happy when she wakes up every morning next to her beloved Kurt.

A perfect example of true love and a strong relationship, isn’t it?

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