In an American family with 14 sons, a girl was finally born!

The Schwandt family of Michigan already made headlines in April 2018 when they named their 14th son with the unusual middle name “Shiboyegen.” And now a new reason to give interviews and take pictures with the whole family – fourteen brothers finally have a little sister!

The Schwandt family is in full force.

Kateri’s mom says she never really worried about the sex of her children. She and her husband Jay met in high school and quickly realized that they were made for each other. As a result, by the end of college, the couple had three sons, the eldest of whom is now 28 years old. Taylor, who moved into his house a long time ago and plans to start a family himself, jokes that it’s unlikely that mom has pink clothes for the girl in her closet. It is very difficult to imagine the appearance of a daughter when only boys are born for a quarter of a century.

The newborn was named without frills, the simple name of Maggie Jane. The 45-year-old parents had plenty of time to practice choosing names, culminating in an event two years ago. As grandfather jokes, in the old days, if many boys were born in a row in an Indian family, a ceremony was performed that guaranteed that the next one would certainly be a girl. And if this did not work, the shaman would exclaim in his heart “She boy again”, which literally means “she is a boy again”. Finley’s youngest son was jokingly given such a middle name, Shiboyegan.

This is little Maggie Jane, who still does not know how many brothers are ready to intercede for her.

As Kateri’s mother evenly admits, life with such a horde of boys is endless chaos, noise, and dirt, not to mention a bunch of eternally hungry mouths. But if they didn’t like it, they wouldn’t have so many children, so everything is harmonious in the Schwandt family. And with the advent of her daughter, the final cherry on the cake appeared!

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