“In Such a Chic Outfit”: Kim Kardashian In a “Princess Dress” With Sapphires Appeared At The Dolce & Gabbana Show In Italy!

Kim received compliments from her sister Khloe and fans.

Kim Kardashian, an American television personality, traveled to Italy to see a fashion show. She was joined by her mother, Kris Jenner, and was dressed exquisitely in a Dolce & Gabbana gown.

Celebs including Venus Williams, Christian Bale, Helen Mirren, Philip Kirkorov, and Erling Haaland were also in attendance.

With her hair pulled back into a ponytail and her face painted expressively, Kim looked stunning. She accented her plum-colored voluminous dress with gloves, heels, and glittering jewelry.

Kim posted pictures on social media and received praise from her followers and sister Khloe.

When Philip Kirkorov made a surprise appearance, Kim and her sister Courtney got into a fight about wedding-related stuff.

What did you think of the star’s outfit?

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