“Incredible Decision”: 100-Year-Old Japanese Grandmother Chooses to Become a Fitness Instructor

Meet Takishima Miki, a 90-year-old fitness instructor who has become a beloved figure in Japan. In a country facing challenges with aging and a declining population, Miki’s story brings hope and inspiration.

Before the age of 65, Miki was a regular housewife, not thinking much about exercise. Like many elderly Japanese people, she faced the usual struggles at home and carried extra weight. However, everything changed when she decided to embark on a fitness journey.

Initially, Miki just wanted to lose weight, but once she achieved that goal, she set her sights on building a strong and slender physique. At the age of 87, her fitness trainer told her, “Enough! Now, you are your own coach.” Miki embraced the challenge and, at 90, she has become a successful modern coach, training herself and motivating others.

Along the way, Miki also started learning English and became adept at using digital technologies. She firmly believes she will surpass the age of 100 and looks forward to continuing her coaching activities.

Today, Miki is a symbol of rejuvenation for the nation. Her story inspires thousands of elderly individuals to join gyms and start exercising. She proves that age is just a number when there is determination and a desire to live a healthy life!

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