Inga was born without arms, but she can play the cello, eat with chopsticks, and enjoy life

Inga was born 20 years ago with no upper limbs, and her parents abandoned her at the hospital as a result. The infant spent some time in an orphanage, but despite her terrible start in life, fortune smiled on her. 

The girl was adopted by a family from America, Pennsylvania, when she was two and a half years old. Daniel and Jennifer Petri did everything they could to ensure that Inga grew up happy and confident. Unfortunately, time had passed and it was now difficult to fit her with a prosthesis. To everyone’s astonishment, she learned to execute all household tasks with the assistance of her legs. 

Inga eventually learned to cope: first it was silverware, then a toothbrush, cosmetics brushes, and finally the girl mastered a computer keyboard; she can also write, play the cello, and drive a car. 

Inga confesses that having prosthetics would be inconvenient for her; she prefers to execute all tasks with her legs. 

The girl is currently studying in the state of Georgia with the goal of becoming a lawyer. 

Inga is also quite happy and open, and she has many friends and even a loved one. The man embraces his sweetheart for who she is and is always there for her.

 She does not wish to recall her real parents, despite the fact that her adoptive parents once attempted to locate her birth mother. Inga feels her true family is in the United States; they nurtured her and provided her with everything she needed to be happy!

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