Instead of an eraser, the child with lacked funds used a rubber slipper (video)

Many youngsters are forced to drop out of school and labor to support their families due to poverty. Others, on the other hand, continue to learn against the odds.

Nothing can stop a young Filipino from studying, even if he doesn’t have the essential stationery in his pencil box.

Harold Labutong’s family is so impoverished that they can’t even purchase an eraser.

However, an imaginative child devised an unexpected substitute for the eraser.

Harold once asked a classmate for an eraser and was told that erasers are made of rubber slippers.

The youngster has been pondering how to build an eraser out of a slipper ever since.

Finally, he just took his rubber slipper and utilized it to correct problems throughout the class!

Harold enjoyed it so much that he now always does it.

Harold is described as a hardworking and intelligent student by his teacher. His family, though, is impoverished.

They are unable to purchase not just an eraser, but also a new pencil: the youngster is forced to use an unpleasant stub.

Harold, on the other hand, stays positive and refuses to drop out of school.

Harold, however, is not an outlier at his school; many of his classmates cannot even purchase pencils.

Harold has gained popularity in the classroom as a result of his inventive alternative for the eraser!

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