“Intelligent mind and bright character”: Smart and humorous boy makes Steve Harvey giggle at his jokes

There are many really smart children in the world that we do not know about. They tend to have a wide outlook since their childhood. Actually, these chidlren can easily be considered adults, rather than kids, because many adults do not own even the half of their intelligence.

Steve Harvey is lucky to have the opportunity to meet several such children in the frames of his show Little Big Shots. Talented children with intelligent minds and bright characters attend the show.

Steve noticed the uniqueness of this little boy when he was already about to finish the show. 4-year-old Tommy Johnson was able to amuse audience and viewers with his incredibly bright personality and amazing sense of humor. The little genius made everyone laugh during his presence at the show.

When Steve asked him to talk a little about his relationships with his family members, the boy boldly remarked his elder brothers, who would not like to share their wives with him.

His sharp answers made the whole audience and the host himself laugh sincerely. Everyone fell in love with his bright character.

Apart from being funny, the boy is also very intelligent. He could clearly identify the photos of all 45 US presidents. He also knows a lot about their lives.

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