Interesting photos: this is what world-famous celebrities would look like if they were obese

This is how celebrities would appear if they were obese. 

It’s no secret that celebrities and famous people strive to stay fit and healthy, look well-groomed and attractive, and maintain their youth through cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, regular gym visits, and proper nutrition. They frequently seek the services of hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists, and beauticians in order to always look perfect and meet all of our society’s beauty standards. 

Today we decided to imagine what popular celebrities would look like if they were overweight. These photos were successfully created with the app, and some of the celebrities appear unrecognizable.

1. C. Dion

2. Beyonce

3. B. Eilish

4.  B. Spears

5. E. Iglesias

6. Ch. Aguilera

7. L. Gaga

8. Madonna

9. Rihanna

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