“Introducing the Redford Family”: The Incredible Life Journey of a Couple Raising 21 Children!

Once upon a time, a lovely couple met when they were young. Sue was 7, and Noel was 12. They were similar in many ways, both being orphans raised in foster families.

Sue had their first child at 14, and even though they were very young, they decided to raise the baby together. 

As they grew up, they eventually got married. After 26 years of being married, they had 21 children.

This big family lives in a 10-room house and shares their daily life and activities on a blog. 

They don’t often go to cinemas, cafes, or other expensive places, but they enjoy spending time together by going to parks, having picnics, or playing games at home.

Despite having so many members in the family, they are all happy because they value each other. For them, family is the most important source of happiness and meaning in life.

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