Inventor of Karaoke Machine, Shigeichi Negishi, Passes Away at 100

Shigeichi Negishi, the man who made the first karaoke machine, has passed away at 100 years old.

He died on January 26th after falling, according to his daughter Atsumi Takano.

A journalist named Matt Alt shared the news on a social media platform, saying Negishi’s family asked him to tell people.

Negishi invented the karaoke machine in 1967 when he was in his 40s. He called it a “Sparko Box” at first. The idea came when one of his employees teased him about his singing.

He asked an engineer to put together a microphone, speaker, and tape deck. They used an 8-track tape to play music.

Negishi tested it at home with his family, and they were amazed to hear their voices coming out of the speaker.

Although people thought musician Daisuke Inoue invented karaoke, Negishi’s machine came first.

Negishi sold around 8,000 karaoke machines to different places like bars and hotels during his career.

He never patented the device because it was hard to do so in Japan at that time. But he didn’t mind because he was proud to see his idea becoming popular worldwide.

Negishi is survived by three children, five grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.

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