“It is impossible to save everyone!”: Man fed two homeless children in a restaurant and faced a beautiful surprise

Small acts of kindness can make a difference in the lives of others

As he sat down for a set lunch, his gaze wandered out the window. For once, he didn’t have a long list of tasks to attend to, so he decided to enjoy the scenery. However, his attention was caught by two young children outside the window, their hungry eyes fixated on the meals of others. Moved by their plight, he made a decision to treat them to a meal, prompting the waiter to bring him the bill.

Approached by the two youngsters, the man kindly handed them a menu and grinned as he asked about their preferences. Confused, they set the menu aside and pointed to the dish he had selected for himself. Realizing their desire to share the same meal, he called the waiter and ordered another portion of the same dish for them.

The brother and sister exchanged glances before hesitantly tasting the soup, as if afraid of something. However, their initial caution soon transformed into a fervent enjoyment of the meal. The man felt a sense of satisfaction for his act of kindness and decided to treat the children to ice cream for dessert. Once the young ones had left for home, he ordered himself another cup of coffee.

When the waiter presented the bill, the man opened it with curiosity. To his astonishment, instead of the usual total amount, he found a note that read, “It is impossible to save everyone! But today you managed to save two! I’ve had enough.”

The man studied the note intently before deciding to keep it. It reinforced his belief that acts of goodness have a way of returning to us, just like a boomerang.

This heartwarming encounter left the man with a renewed sense of gratitude and a strengthened conviction in the power of small acts of kindness to make a difference in the lives of others.

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