It was hard to look at this dog without crying. But love and care turned her into a real cutie

We love her and that love is mutual.

Pippa is the story’s protagonist. It is a Chihuahua that is 7 weeks old.

It was difficult to look at the animal without crying since it was so pitiful. The infant’s skin was covered with sores and lacked hair. When Amanda saw the pictures of the infant, she went to the animal shelter to foster the dog.

Pippa did not travel alone to a foreign location. She had her mother, father, and sibling along with the entire dog clan. They all had scabies, but Pippa was the most vulnerable.

She started to care for the miserable creature and had a deeper understanding of her personality and actions. She proved to be a wonderful pet and a lovely cutie. Amanda revealed to The Dodo that Pippa enjoys cuddling and tucking herself under the blanket. All the time, the girl herself was standing next to her.

The dog received specialized baths, medications, and strict dietary guidance. The scabs eventually started to heal and were replaced by fur. The pup ended up being a courageous child who got along with her larger buddies.

The 36-kilogram pit bull was one of her two existing canines. However, our heroine was not at all bothered by the size of her pals. Pippa ogled her older brothers and chased their tails. Additionally, Amanda regularly brought Pippa to work with her.

On social media, Amanda shared her life’s journey and pictures of her pet. The dog gained notoriety as the tale went viral.

Pippa thus discovered her real home. The dog was seen by Terry Dickenson’s family, who chose to “adopt” her after becoming enamored with her.

Pippa already has a thick coat at that point.

The dog seems happy and at ease in her new home.

Pippa is already friendly with the other animals owned by the Dickensons.

The owners believe that adopting Pippa was the finest choice they had ever made. They are pleased to own a dog who is so intelligent and loving. She plays a significant role in their household. The most crucial thing is that they assert, “We love her, and that love is reciprocal.”

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