It was so touching when the mother gorilla decided to show off her baby to the crowd hugging and kissing him warmly

The globe was astonished by an extraordinary zoo spectacle. Gorilla mother approached the gathering and presented her young.

She hugged her infant close to her and kissed her, and it was such a precious moment. It appeared to be a genuine Simba moment.

The amount of love a mother had for her child, providing an example even for other humans, genuinely astounded and awed the people.

Naturally, it quickly circulated over the Internet, but in the comments, many brought up another crucial topic: the fact that these creatures were being kept in captivity.

Animal enthusiasts oppose the confinement of wild animals.

Naturally, it also occurs that it is carried out in response to specific circumstances, such as the need to safeguard endangered species of animals.

In addition, because gorillas are a severely endangered species, the birth of the baby gorilla was a joyous moment for the entire globe.

We have moved one step closer to preserving the gorillas with the birth of this child. The fact that these creatures are confined in zoos moved a lot of people to tears.

While many users advocated for their release into the wild, one user pointed out that zoos provide endangered wild animals with a safer setting.

They frequently suffer an injury at the hands of poachers who take advantage of them. Zoos, in turn, battle against extinction and have unique initiatives.

These creatures occasionally have to forgo living a free life in order to live.

We believe that eventually their number will stabilize and they will be able to be returned to the wild.

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