It was such an adorable moment when the rescuer approached to take the husky off the roof

One day, many complaints from nearby residents claiming to have a dog on their roof came to the police station.

The dog appeared to be quite inquisitive from all of this, but the fact that he was already on the roof alarmed the locals.

They were unaware of his whereabouts or activities on the roof.

The frightened residents have been worried about the husky for a very long time.

The firefighter arrives promptly after being informed of the event.

He hurried to the second floor after seeing the dog, and what surprised him the most was that the dog came over and gave him a kind greeting.

When they saw all of that, the locals were absolutely horrified.

It was instantly clear from all of that how huge and loving the dogs are. It was such a precious time.

He appeared to “thank” the person who helped him safely down from the roof.

Everyone was moved by his lovely and compassionate demeanor, and he received thousands of encouraging remarks.

Without a doubt, this man will always remember that day.

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