“I’ve Never Felt Happier.” Billie Eilish Commented On Her Personal Life

The Bad Guy singer said that dressing in men’s clothing makes her feel hotter. She also felt more certain when Billy darkened her hair.

“Because I’m blonde, I’ve never felt sexy. People regarded me differently when I was blond. Changing the color of my hair really altered the way I behaved,” claimed Eilish.

The Grammy winner also cited her reluctance to discuss her connection with Jesse Rutherford as a reason. Billie thinks it’s crucial that the individual avoid the internet. “I have a hard time falling in love. This is an awful situation. I require a wall separating my private life from others. The key thing you need to know is that I am pleased,” the singer said.

Eilish made a remark about her dress sense. She feels that when she is dressed in loose men’s clothing, people treat her better. “People would treat me less properly if I had a more feminine appearance and resembled a female,” Billie said.
The singer is content with her life as it is right now. She finished a lengthy tour in promotion of her most recent record and finally found love. “I struggle to put all the emotions I’m experiencing into words. In an interview with Highsnobiety, Billie said, “I could tear my eyes out thinking about it.

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