J Lo’s prоvoсative lеotаrd with a trаnspаrеnt miniskirt at the pop music Awards! Check out the pictures!

All celebrities choose their costumes deliberately in an effort to appear distinctive and unusual. Celebrities attended the pop music awards wearing stylish, contemporary attire. Check out J. Lo’s attire. The celebrity showed up to the ceremony wearing a translucent miniskirt over a scanty leotard.

The “Bios” prize was given to Jennifer Lopez during the CCM Awards on Monday. The actress’s dress at the MTV Awards Show enthralled the crowd. The garment had a lengthy sleeve, leaving the other arm naked.

The celebrity was ecstatic to have received the “Hot” prize and showed off her eyes.

“J. Lo has a lot of admirers all around the world, influence, and endurance. The significance of a star’s attendance at different events increases her influence and significance,” according to the award.

Celebrities like deep styles a lot. And at one point, the singer flaunted her renowned Gucci gown. Fans still recall J. Lo’s appearance at the 2000 Music Awards in the low-cut navel dress.

She consistently demonstrates that it is possible to maintain your fitness while being a working mother.

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