Jack Black Ready for School of Rock Sequel 20 Years Later

🎸🎶Get ready to rock again! Jack Black hints at a long-awaited School of Rock sequel

Jack Black recently talked about wanting to make a sequel to his movie School of Rock. He mentioned it would be fun to do a follow-up to the 2003 hit. In School of Rock, he played a character named Dewey Finn, who becomes a substitute teacher and forms a rock band with his students.

Black, who is 54 years old, said that School of Rock was a special movie for him. He called it a tribute to all the people who dream of becoming rock stars but haven’t made it big yet. He and his friend Kyle Gass even joked about making a sequel during an interview.

However, Black clarified that there’s no truth to the idea of mixing School of Rock with another movie they did called The Pick of Destiny. But he didn’t rule out the possibility of a sequel entirely.

Miranda Cosgrove, who played one of the students in the movie, also expressed her interest in being part of a sequel. She said that working on School of Rock was one of her favorite experiences and that she would love to be involved in any way.

In short, while there’s no concrete plan for a School of Rock sequel yet, it’s something that Black and others involved with the movie are open to considering in the future.

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